Primary Care

Primary Care - Family Physicians

Family physicians are trained in all areas of medicine and can diagnose and treat a broad array of health care problems. They are at the centre of your care, coordinating and guiding you through your health care options. They are experts in prevention, treating most acute illnesses and helping people manage their chronic diseases.

To ensure your best treatment options our physicians work with Allied Health services, specialists and other health care professionals.

GBACHC has several family physicians and, on occasion medical resident physicians who can address your primary care needs.

If you are a new patient of the centre you will be assigned to one of our primary care doctors. We ask that when possible you arrange your appointment with your usual doctor or nurse practitioner. You may choose to see either depending on the nature of your concern. If your usual doctor is not available you will be seen by another member of the team.

Please inform specialists and hospitals of your doctor’s name. This will enable us to receive copies of your reports so that they may be included in your chart.

If you are currently without a family physician and you live in the catchment area please refer to the Patient Application letter on our website for instructions on how to fill out a request for a Family Physician.

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