Primary Care

Primary Care - Medical Office Assistant

Front Office Medical Assistant

An important part of the Medical Office Assistant's job is to handle the ever busy front desk of the clinic. At the front office or the reception, a medical assistant performs duties such as:

  • Handling and answering external as well as internal phone calls and transferring calls to the appropriate departments
  • Managing patient's appointments, according to the providers' schedule
  • Giving registration forms to the patients and getting all the necessary information filled in the electronic medical record
  • Handling data entry tasks

Administrative Medical Assistant

A medical assistant's job also involves administrative activities. Some of them are:

  • Registration, filing and maintenance of medical records and documents
  • Initiating and maintaining correspondance with patients and insurance companies
  • Processing medical insurance claims, medical billing and electronic claims

Clinical Medical Assistant

Apart from the administrative work, a medical assistant may also be responsible for a number of clinical activities such as:

  • Drawing blood
  • Applying and changing dressings
  • Obtaining information of the patient's health and reporting them to the concerned doctor
  • Maintaining health records of the patient and producing it, whenever necessary
  • Collecting and testing urine samples and sending them for diagnosis if ordered by provider
  • Assisting Registered Practical Nurses
  • Sterialization of instruments and infection control
  • Assisting in various clinics such as physio, chiropody and skin
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