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Primary Care - Physician Assistant

The Basics

  • Physician Assistants (also known as “PAs”) are highly trained health care professionals who provide a broad range of medical services.
  • They practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. In this way they extend the reach of your doctor and act as an extra set of eyes and ears.
  • Your PA may take your history, do your physical exam, order tests, perform procedures and offer counseling.
  • Canada now has over 300 PAs working for you in family health clinics, operating rooms, inpatient medicine, geriatrics, emergency rooms, and specialist clinics.
  • PAs are here to help improve access, decrease wait times, and most importantly enhance the QUALITY of health care you receive.

History of Physician Assistants

The Physician Assistant profession began in the United States during the 1960s because, in many places, there were not enough doctors to provide appropriate care for their patients.

Originally they were highly skilled military medics serving in the Vietnam War. But, nowadays, you don’t need to be in the army to be a PA. In fact, the United States now has about 84,000 practicing PAs!

The Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre is pleased to have a PA working at both the Grand Bend and Hensall sites with the hopes of enhancing your health care experience.

To learn more.

To learn more about what your PA can do for you please see these websites:

Canadian Association of Physician Assistants

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