Ontario Trillium Foundation funding has given the Connected Rural Communities Collaborative the opportunity to hire a community developer. Meet Matthew Maynard! He will take on the work of building a strong, vibrant, caring community by connecting people to medical and social service teams, and community resources.¬†Matthew lives and works in Stratford and Port Franks. He has been involved with community development projects at the regional and provincial level for many years. One of the first steps in community development work is to assess the current environment and to listen to peoples’ needs and wishes. Matthew will be reaching out to community using three assessment tools:

  • A Living in My Community survey – Click Here to take the survey.
  • In-depth interviews with people experiencing social isoloation (includes payment for respondent’s time.)
  • A repository for

I would like to hear from you if you would like to participate, be part of this project or just learn more about our progress.