MyChart is a free, secure online tool that provides patients, and their authorized caregivers, with access to a comprehensive view of their health information anytime, anywhere. The service gives people access to their medical records at partipating hospitals. 

Information Available In MyChart

Currently the data available in MyChart is hospital-based and, at this time, does not include information from primary care provider’s/family physician’s electronic medical record. See a list of participating hospitals here.

At personal discretion and control, people may share access to their MyChart account with other care providers, family members and physicians in the case of an emergency or to help facilitate care anywhere.

  • Allergies*
  • Medication lists*
  • Laboratory tests
  • Blood bank results*
  • Radiology reports* – 21 calendar day delay
  • Pathology reports* – 35 calendar day delay
  • Microbiology results* – 14 calendar day delay
  • Genetics results* – 35 calendar day delay
  • Discharge summaries**

*Historic data available.

**Available as of October 1, 2018.

Some data availability is delayed due to the potential sensitivity of the data and/or the need for clinical review and/or quality assurance, prior to disclosure.

Everyone may register for MyChart at any participating hospital.

 A valid Ontario Health Card and an email address are all that’s required to register. Once a person is registered, they will receive an email with a password to access MyChart online.

To register at the South Huron Hospital Association, go to the main Out-Patients Registration desk, 24 Huron St. West, Exeter, Ontario.

MyChart Frequently Asked Questions

Can I authorize access to view my health record to a friend or family member?
Yes, you can provide your healthcare providers, friends and family members with delegate access to your MyChart account, through the “Share my Records” feature within MyChart.
Similar to an online banking e-transfer, you will be required to provide a valid email and specify a secret keyword that your delegate must successfully enter, upon receiving an email invite, to successfully gain access to information you have authorized.

Can my spouse and I share one MyChart account?
Health information must be handled carefully. Each adult must create his or her own account, by registering in person with a registration clerk at the hospital. This helps protect patient privacy.

How secure is health information in MyChart?
MyChart is secured through the same encryption technologies used by the major banks for online banking.

What will I see in MyChart?

  • A profile including your name, age and personal contact details.
  • A personal health record enabling you to enter allergies, medical conditions, immunizations, health measurements, medications, mood, weight and tests.
  • Health information records from participating hospitals ( sites) and home and community care services, where you have been treated, including lab results, medication lists, allergies, microbiology results, radiology reports, discharge summaries, and pathology.
  • Messages you have sent or received by a delegate, to whom you have provided access to your MyChart profile.
  • An option to share your records.

I’ve been to the hospital in the past but I don’t see all of those visits in MyChart. Why not?
MyChart will include health records finalized at a participating hospital in south west Ontario from January 1, 2018 onwards.

I’m a minor. Can I register for a MyChart account?
Yes, everyone is eligible for a MyChart account. If you are under 12, your parent or legal guardian will be responsible for registering and managing your account on your behalf. At 12 years old, you will re-register your account and take ownership as account manager, unless otherwise noted based on capacity assessment.

Why are some results subject to a delay, while others are not?
Extensive consultation with patients and clinical stakeholders informed the need to delay certain results. This is to provide doctors and health care professionals with enough time to meet with you to review sensitive test results if necessary.