The Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre (GBACHC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Erin Wiley will begin a fulltime practice at the GBACHC on May 19, 2020. The arrival of Dr. Wiley will begin a gradual retirement for two of the GBACHC’s founding physicians Dr. Deborah McNaughton and Dr. Peter Englert. To ensure a smooth transition, Dr. McNaughton and Dr. Englert have agreed to continue to work in a part-time capacity to support patient care until the spring of 2021.

Dr. Erin Wiley (left picture) grew up on a small farm near Bayfield. She completed medical school at Western University, achieved her family medicine residency at the University of Ottawa and holds a master’s degree in health promotion from Western University. Dr Wiley enjoys general practice and has special interests in the elderly population, dermatology, and women’s health. Dr. Wiley stated, “I am looking forward to returning to my home community and joining the team at the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre.”

To further facilitate patient care during the physician transition period, Dr. Sakshi Babbar (upper right picture) will join the physician team in a locum capacity from July to September 2020. Some may recognize Dr. Babbar. She worked at the GBACHC for several months while completing her family medicine residency through Western University. Dr. Babbar remarked, “I greatly enjoyed my time at the GBACHC, and I am looking forward to returning as a locum physician.”

The GBACHC is also pleased to announce that Dr. Skylar Van Osch (lower right picture) will be joining the physician team beginning in June 2021. Dr. Van Osch grew up on a farm outside of Mt. Carmel and spent many summers on the beach in Grand Bend. He completed his undergrad and medical school at Western University. He completed his residency in Victoria, BC in 2016, and has since locumed at the GBACHC and various locations across BC. Dr. Van Osch expressed, “It has been a dream of mine since I was young to be a doctor in my own home community.”

Chief Executive Officer, Cate Melito, enthusiastically welcomes these three talented physicians to the GBACHC team over the upcoming months. She also gratefully acknowledged, on behalf of the board of directors, staff and community, the outstanding work and commitment of the retiring physicians. Cate noted, “As two of the founding physicians of the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre, Dr. Englert and Dr. McNaughton have been tireless in their efforts to serve the community’s health care needs with kindness, compassion and the highest standard of care. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and willingness to provide a smooth transition of patient care with the new physicians. We look forward to celebrating their longstanding contribution to our community in the spring of 2021.”