Summer students Salmi Noor and Jessica Medd conducted interviews with patients/clients and staff to gain insights into virtual care provided at the Centre in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Salmi is a medical student at the University of Ottawa and Jessica is a dietitian intern at Brescia University College. The study results provide important information and recommendations for future care delivery.

  • The Centre will identify and implement a secure online patient portal system to aid in confidential communication between patient/client and provider.

  • Patients/Clients want to have some form of email communication to send images of physical findings.

  • Patients/Clients want to receive a summary of their virtual appointment after it takes place.

  • The Centre will provide instructional materials to enable comfortable use of virtual platforms.

  • Patients/Clients would like multiple forms of media to facilitate broader access (i.e. written, video, in-person, phone support).

  • Patients/Clients would like information about how the virtual appointment would run, what would happen if the provider was running late, and if there were any specific time limits for the appointment.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the research project!