From governance to programs, the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre (GBACHC) is enriched by the efforts of more than 20 dedicated volunteers. These people serve and participate on the board of directors, community advisory council, community health programs, primary care clinics, and the quality, utilization and risk committee.

Sincere gratitude is expressed to all the volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to making the GBACHC an asset in the community. Community health centres, of which the GBACHC is one, constantly reorient services to meet the community’s needs with the assistance of volunteers. Together, we connect people with services and support to create a healthier public.

Volunteers bring joy, good health, expertise and hope to the community. We could not do it without you!

Cindy Maxfield

Community Health Promotion Coordinator, Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre

Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit organization, the GBACHC is governed by a volunteer board of directors (Board). The Board is made up of members from the local community and is responsible for developing and articulating the vision, mission, values, and the strategic direction of the GBACHC. Applications to become a member of the Board are accepted in the spring of each year.

Thank you to the 2020-21 Board members (and the dozens of community members who served before them!)

Ron Sapsford, Chair
Mario Carcamo, Vice Chair
Dave Crockett, Past Chair
Irene Hall, Treasurer
Nan Brooks, Secretary
Directors: Richard Pileski, Ann Sutton, Judy Fluter, Bruce Shaw, Dave Hudgel, Sherry Seelen, Kymm St-Amour

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is a partnership of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the community. The community volunteers play an important role in quality care by advising the GBACHC on matters influencing patients/clients and program participants. Members use their life and career experience along with the Ontario Declaration of Patient Values to guide recommendations for improvements. Also acting as ambassadors, CAC members meet with patients/clients to listen to their experiences at the GBACHC.

Thank you to the CAC members!

Sherry Seelen, Community Co-Chair
Elke Kleihauer-Ward
Kim MacLauchlan
Matthew Maynard
Doreen McHarg
Diane Parker

Community Exercise Leaders

When the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions began in March 2020, in-person exercise classes were cancelled overnight. Class participants were quick to point out that they missed the great feeling exercise gave them and that they longed for the social interaction that goes with a group class. In short order, volunteer exercise leaders stepped up to continue the community exercise programs on Facebook, MS Teams and YouTube. The technology was new to everyone and the leaders stretched their skills to learn how offer classes. When restrictions allowed, the leaders braved the elements and offered classes in the GBACHC parking lot, on the Grand Bend Main Beach and at the Legacy Centre, Thedford.

Thank you to community exercise leaders!

Barbara Shafer-Fock, Angela Arenberg, Joy McClymont and Kristy Lyon

Quality, Utilization & Risk Committee

The quality, utilization and risk (QUR) committee reviews the quality of patient/client care at the GBACHC. The committee makes recommendations to the Board by monitoring the GBACHC quality improvement plan (QIP) and dashboard throughout the year. Community volunteers along with Board members, primary care providers and support staff sit on the committee.

Thank you to 2020-21 community members!

Doreen McHarg

Retired Nurses

Primary care clinics at the GBACHC are fortunate to be supported by volunteer retired nurses when requested. The nurses’ skills and sense of patient needs help direct and guide people who attend clinics.

Thank you to retired nurses!

Mia Creces and Rita Hogan