Great news…Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) has recommended that routine breast, cervical and colorectal screening can resume for all those eligible. Healthcare providers at the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre are eager to ensure patients have resumed routine screenings, which were suspended for several months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember, cancer screening sees what you can’t!

Routine cancer screening is testing done for people who may be at risk of getting cancer, but who have no symptoms and generally feel fine. When a person is eligible for breast, cervical or colorectal screening, they will receive a letter from Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) inviting them to get screened.

Colorectal Screening – Get checked today.

A letter is sent through ColonCancerCheck to people ages 50 to 74 who have never been screened before or who are due for their next screening test. The letter invites them to talk to their family doctor about colorectal cancer screening.

Cervical Screening – It’s your call to make. Book a Pap test with your family doctor today.

A letter is sent to women ages 30 to 69 inviting them to book a Pap test through the Ontario Cervical Screening Program. Letters are also sent to women ages 21 to 69 to remind them when it is time to return for screening.

Breast Screening – Take the time to book your mammogram today.

A letter is send to women eligible for screening through the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) inviting them to get screened and providing information and details on how to find an OBSP site. Letters are also sent to women ages 50 to 74 reminding them when to get screened again.

How to Book A Mammogram: Call 1-800-668-9304 or visit

Note: Ontarians ages 50 to 74 do not need a healthcare provider’s referral to book a mammogram through the OBSP.