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The Franky App
General Information

Ensuring the Privacy and Security of Your Information

Our foremost commitment is to safeguard your personal behavioural health information, and we have implemented comprehensive measures to achieve this. Here are some key aspects of our approach:

Localized Processing

All information and its processing occur exclusively within the app on your device. You have full control and ownership of your data.

Anonymization with Activation Code

The reports generated within the app undergo anonymization using a unique activation code. Only you and your healthcare professional are aware of how this code corresponds to your identity, ensuring that Continicare remains oblivious to it.

Biometric Access Control with Face Recognition

Access to Franky is managed by you, and we offer face recognition as a secure access method. Noteworthy features include:

  • Biometric data is processed entirely within the Franky app on your device
  • Unlike a simple PIN number, your biometrics cannot be easily overridden
  • In the event of unauthorized access attempts, Franky captures a photo for your review during subsequent logins

Password Protection

For those hesitant to use face biometrics, we provide an additional layer of security through password protection.

Combined Security Measures

Users seeking heightened security can opt for a combination of face biometrics and password protection, further fortifying access to their private information.

Encryption for Public Health and Research

With your explicit consent, anonymized answers are encrypted into a database for public health and research purposes. This encryption allows data analysis without decrypting the data or compromising the integrity of the information.