From Our Chief Executive Officer

Our vision “Health and Well-being For All” means we put people, families, and communities first.

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Cate Melito
Chief Executive Officer
Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre

We provide access to the care that you need.

Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre is a comprehensive health care home for over 6,400 patients from the West Coast Shores area. West Coast Shores includes part of Lambton Shores, Bluewater, and South Huron municipalities.

Our patients’ health and well-being goals inspire us. We work with individual patients to create a health and well-being plan. The people who are patients of the Health Centre access primary health care assessment and treatment, physical therapy, mental health, nutritional, and chronic disease programs. Our Health Centre offers walk-in support each Saturday morning from 9-11:30 a.m. so that patients and visitors to the area can get the short-term health services they need.

An additional 2,000 community residents access our Health Centre’s Allied Health programs and services including mental health or nutritional counselling, physical therapy services, diabetes, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease education and self-management support, and health promotion programs such as Functional Fitness exercise program.

We provide education and information that you need to make the right decision about your health and well-being.

GBACHC ensures that people get the information about area programs and services as well as the education they need to support their goals. Health promoters and care coordinators are available to provide information.

We connect you to the services you need. We provide coordinated and integrated care in the community, close to home.

We work closely with health care partners such as the Alzheimer’s Society, One Care, Lambton Elderly Outreach, CNIB, Home and Community Care, South Huron Hospital, Choices for Change, and many others to ensure area residents and patients have the right information and service to achieve their goals.

We work with communities and partners to build capacity for health and wellbeing.

We focus on population and determinants of health needs and work with communities and partners to develop community programs to meet these needs. “Connected Rural Communities” is a community initiative together to increase space for and access to primary health care and community programming, to promote social inclusion and belonging as well as to strengthen transportation and trails with community groups.

Our mission is to “Empower the health and well-being of the people in our communities -together”. We believe that by working together – we can make it happen!

Cate Melito
Chief Executive Officer
Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre
t: 519.238.1556 x 263