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The Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre (GBACHC) works to confront health inequity and celebrate community all year long. Along with provincial advocacy partner, the Alliance for Healthier Communities, the GBACHC celebrates community efforts to achieve real change for marginalized people during this year’s Community Health & Wellbeing Week 2022 – October 17-23.

Real change was accomplished in 2022 by the GBACHC and community partners who addressed local food security through enhanced and expanded community gardens in Huron Park, Hensall, Grand Bend, Forest, and Parkhill. The community garden project was in part funded by the Sunset Community Foundation. Twenty youth and/or people with disabilities, and over 40 other gardeners gained some food security through the project.

Food security means that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food that meets their dietary needs. Community gardens are one way to realize food security, another is the Community Fridge recently established by the GBACHC. The fridge is located in the central hallway at the GBACHC Hensall site and will be stocked with free basic food items. For those with an abundance of garden produce, your donations are welcome! Contact Miranda Burgess, Community Health Promoter for more information at or 519-238-2362 x222.