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On Bell Let’s Talk Day, people around the world are engaging in the largest conversation on mental health. Patients of the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre are encouraged to be part of the conversation and take an active role in improving their mental health.

One powerful way to take meaningful action is by integrating the new free FRANKY App into your mental health journey. The private and secure FRANKY app is a tool that aligns with Bell Let’s Talk Day, providing mental health support and insights. Learn more here.

What The FRANKY App Offers:

  1. Comprehensive Standardized Assessment
    • Gain insights into your mental health, core beliefs, strengths, and personality through a thorough assessment.
  2. Personal Insights Report
    • Receive a detailed report that acts as a starting point for understanding the stressors influencing your thoughts and emotions. Share this with your healthcare provider for a more informed discussion.
  3. Endorsed by Healthcare Providers
    • The app is fully endorsed by healthcare providers at the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre, ensuring credibility and effectiveness.
  4. Faster Access to Mental Health Supports
    • Speed up your access to mental health support with the streamlined assessment and reporting process provided by the FRANKY App.
  5. Validation and Understanding
    • Experience validation and understanding of your mental health concerns, fostering a supportive environment for your journey.

Ready to unlock your personal insights?

All you need to get started is an activation code – request one below!