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Fifteen years ago, the Rotary Club of Grand Bend began collecting surplus school equipment, filling shipping containers, and sending them to parts of Africa where such resources are desperately needed. Now, as the Club and its partners approach 100 filled containers, they are reaching out to the community for donations of books.

To date, more than three million books have been distributed to some 50,000 African students. For many, it is the only book they’ve ever held.

If you are culling books from your home library, this is a way to ensure they find a new home, one where they will be appreciated and read. “Reading is a privilege and a joy that we often take for granted,” says Brian Hall, chair of the Global Literacy Project. “Let’s ensure that African children have the opportunity to discover that joy.”

Please consider if you can contribute books suitable for readers aged 2 to 20. Examples could include:

  • Picture and story books for young children
  • Novels for young adults
  • Books that explain things at an elementary level
  • Games for youth
  • Dictionaries
  • Children’s magazines or workbooks

When in doubt, deposit it with us and let us make the decision!

To donate your books, visit the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre, and place them in the provided receptacle in the front lobby. If you prefer, call Bob Beath at 519 319-8185 to arrange for pick up.